Nuke 9.0 licensing shenanigans part 2

loocas | Nuke,software,technical | Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

As a followup to my previous post about the new licensing scheme in Nuke 9.0 and up, here’s another, little tip that might help you speed up Nuke launch times:

Watch for the port you’re looking for the licenses on. I know this sounds obvious, but I just recently had to restart my license server after a long time and suddenly Nuke started booting up very slowly. Not as slow as before (as discussed in the previous article), but noticeably slower.

After some investigative work on the server (read: I had no idea what was going on) I launched the FTL tool and ran diagnostics. Everything seemed OK at first, but then I noticed the service was running on a different port than what I had it setup in my environment variables.

After adjusting for this error, all runs as smooth as butter now once again.

So, just a heads up, keep an eye on the port you’re asking for the license on, it will find the license eventually, but it’ll take a lot longer than if you explicitly set the correct port number up.

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