Sunday at golf

loocas | photos | Monday, September 8th, 2008

This sunday, my dad and my bro went for a quick, practise, match to the local golf course in Prague, Hostivar. I’ve wanted to go with them for some time, to shoot some photos. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as good as on saturday, but at least the lighting conditions were uniform. Anyways, here are a few, selected, color corrected, comped etc… pictures I personally like the most. Hope you’ll like too ;)

golf_21.jpg golf_22.jpg golf_15.jpg golf_16.jpg golf_17.jpg golf_18.jpg golf_19.jpg golf_20.jpg golf_14.jpg golf_13.jpg golf_12.jpg golf_11.jpg golf_10.jpg golf_09.jpg golf_08.jpg golf_07.jpg golf_06.jpg golf_05.jpg golf_04.jpg golf_03.jpg golf_02.jpg golf_01.jpg

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