Sunday at a shooting-range

loocas | photos | Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Some friends of my dad’s invited him and me to a shooting-range to fire some arms. It was great! Further more, I got to shoot from a sniper rifle (don’t know the type, unfortunately) which was super awesome. One of the guys promised to take more fire arms next time we go for a shot. Hopefully I get to shoot a chaingun or a bazooka next time :D

Ota, entering the shooting-range premises and unpacking his firearms:
ota_approach.jpg ota_entrance.jpg ota_sniper_02.jpg sniper_rifle_01.jpg sniper_rifle_02.jpg

Me, my dad and his friends started on a pistol short shooting-range with a Glock and a Berreta 9mm:
short_shooting_range.jpg pistol_targets.jpg dad_pistol_shots_01.jpg loocas_pistol_01.jpg lubos_pistol.jpg lubos_jr_and_his_dad.jpg dad_pistol_01.jpg dad_pistol_02.jpg dad_holding_rounds.jpg empty_rounds.jpg

However, the long (200m) shooting-range is where the fun really started:
long_shooting_range_01.jpg long_shooting_range_02.jpg small_caliber_rifle.jpg dad_sniper_03.jpg dad_sniper_02.jpg dad_sniper_01.jpg dad_sniper_shots_01.jpg dad_sniper_shots_04.jpg dad_sniper_shots_03.jpg dad_sniper_shots_02.jpg knava_small_caliber.jpg knava_targets.jpg lot.jpg lubos_jr_and_his_dad.jpg lubos_jr_small_caliber.jpg lubos_sniper_01.jpg ota_sniper_01.jpg

I got to shoot at 150m and 200m targets with much worse results then the rest of the lot, but still hitting the black spot, which felt great! :) The kick-back of the Remington 700 cal. 308 was overwhelming, really, I didn’t expect that at first actually (hence only the last 3 shots out of 4 hit the target, at first :D ). The smaller rifle was a CZ 452 ZKM cal. 22.
loocas_sniper_intro.jpg loocas_sniper_01.jpg loocas_sniper_02.jpg

As I said before, it was a great experience and I’m really looking forward to the next time we go shooting. I highly recommend it to anyone who admires weapons and all kinds of armory as it is mandatory that you understand the power and responsibility you hold at your fingertip.

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