Summerhouse visit

loocas | photos | Friday, January 25th, 2008

I’d like to show some more photos I liked. This bunch was shot when on a rare visit to our summerhouse in Chrenovice nad Sazavou. I used to spend summer holidays there and therefore have quite nice and nostalgic memories of the place. We went to visit our ount and uncle last October who were there for a short vacation. The photos mostly picture my bro, mom, my paren’ts dog, Channela, and the beatiful nature and environments of Chrenovice. I really miss those summers.

bridge_crossing.jpg cottage.jpg flowers.jpg channela_attention.jpg channela_chewing.jpg channela_laying.jpg channela_weir.jpg chrenovice_railstation.jpg kyoob_thinking.jpg kyoob_working.jpg ladin.jpg marry.jpg mutti_bridge.jpg mutti_weir.jpg nazi_kyoob.jpg night_club.jpg railroad_01.jpg railroad_02.jpg railroad_03.jpg sazava_river.jpg weir.jpg

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