Vista is getting on my nerves…

loocas | opinions,software,technical | Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

I’m starting to seriously think about either reverting to Windows XP or radically switching to a different OS every day.

The one and single thing I expect from my OS without any exceptions is to host my professional applications without hassle. Vista has been anything, but a flawless experience. The Aero is broken, the file management is broken (or at lest requires some heavy modifications), the driver support and generally peripheral support is, again, broken. Everything seems to be fucked up!

Everything is significantly slower, like, for example, the newly released Photoshop CS4. It’s slow as hell! Not the primary functions of the software, but the whole user interface is lagging behind! And it gets even worse when you use a tablet. Try dragging the floating window around, it lags at least a second behind your actual strokes! How terrible this is in a year 2008 with QuadCore CPUs, multi-core GPUs, everything mutli-threaded, 64bit computing etc…? Or another issue, I have a lot of external USB hard drives (WD MyBook series) for backup purposes. Now, when I have them plugged in, Vista boots for about 2 minutes! When I unlpug them, Vista boots in about 20s! WHAT THE FUCK?! I haven’t even mentioned the fact that every time I need to save/open a file from my local drives, Vista tries to “wake up” the sleeping USB drives which means everything hangs for about 10-15s, then I start to hear the USB drives starting to throttle-up, then it allows me to load a text file from a C: drive! Brilliant!

Now, what finally made me to waste another precious 10mins of my time to write this meaningless rant was the fact that I need a pressure sensitivity in Ps CS4, yeah, I know, it’s probably too much to ask for, but hey, I’m a pretty demanding user. So I was instructed by one of the quality engineers over at Adobe forums, to install the latest drivers for my Wacom Intuos3 A5 Wide. So I did. The pressure sensitivity started to work finally in Photoshop, but what totally pissed me off was that I lost my right-click menu in TotalCommander. Yes, I use TotalCMD, since Explorer absolutely SUCKS ASS. Where the fuck is the problem? Why can’t it just fucking work?!

What is the single reason behind this stupid behavior of all the software running under x64 Vista? Is it Vista itself? Is it the 64bit software that’s just not ready for the consumer segment? Or the software manufacturers that just don’t give a shit as long as you pay them for meaningless subscriptions etc…?

I’m truly seriously considering reverting back to XP or even completely switching to a different OS. Fuck Autodesk’s 3ds Max, which just doesn’t work under Vista x64 anyways, I can get along with another package for full-time productivity as long as I’m not being bothered by these stupid and totally unnecessary glitches and problems related to using an operating system that simply doesn’t do the job. Hell, I even already downloaded XGnome to test it out.

The real problem is, there are some software packages, Windows exclusive, that I can’t seem to find an adequate replacement for, such as Photoshop (yeah, I admit, leaving Max will be a big problem as well). This’ll be tough. I’m willing to wait till mid 2009 (or whenever) for Windows 7 (6.1 actually), to see whether the problems of Vista are still there. If so, I’ll screw this whole bullshit and start from scratch. Fingers crossed…

EDIT: I finally managed to keep my right-click menus intact while enabling the pressure sensitivity features in Photoshop CS4. The solution wasn’t that obvious, I had to manually get rid of all the Wacom drivers, restart and then install the latest drivers. It all works just fine now, thankfully, as I was starting to get really pissed.


  1. Man…why leaving XP64 in the first place? I’m on it now for about 10 months and haven’t had any problems yet!
    Ok, I don’t use pressure sensitivity as you remember. I’m an old school junkie. Mouse with two buttons and a wheel ;o)
    But man…changing OS? You crazy? Mac has only one button! And linux…damn man…I can tell you that I had huge problems when I tried (openSUSE)
    And even if you get it running without problems and all your software…except 3DS MAX!!!!??
    Is it worth to just threw away all you learned? All your habits, shortcuts and workarounds? I understand that this would push you to learn new software. But if you ask me, that sacrefice isn’t worht it. And you’ll learn that software anyways. But your workflow would always be fastest in max.
    Never change a winning team!
    My opinion ;o)

    Comment by Goran — November 20, 2008 @ 19:10

  2. :D You’re right, man.

    No, I was just way too frustrated to even consider at least trying Linux.

    But still. If only Photoshop was available on Linux I would have been on Linux probably for a long time now using Maya as my primary 3D app. :)

    Nah… I fixed most of the annoyances and problems I had with the software I run now so I’ll stick with Microsoft for now :D I’m kinda curious as to what Windows 7 will really offer, I’m sure it’s just a marketing thing, but still, they might fix some of the issues and annoyances, which’d be great!

    Comment by loocas — November 22, 2008 @ 13:49

  3. To goran: if you plug 2/3/18 button mouse to Mac it will work same as on PC :)

    Comment by vic — November 25, 2008 @ 15:19

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