I’m loving Nuke!

loocas | opinions,software | Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


Yes! I’m finding Nuke more and more appealing. Especially the customization and general workflow parts. I’m really digging the whole channels paradigm as well as the Python integration, of course ;)

I’m yet to script something more complex than a “dir(nuke)” or “print ‘test'” :D but I’ve managed to get some custom menus and toolbars out of the init scripts with the help of the documentation, which is great, by the way. I’ll also try to script custom Nuke comp scripts out of Nuke, say, via MAXScript, which shouldn’t be that complex. I’m thinking of writing out a simple pre-composite script after rendering is done, for example, which will generate not only the rendered images, but also a simple pre-made Nuke composition for the 2D artists to start with, with all the renders in it, maybe even put together. Just for the fun of it :)

Nuke 5.1v5 PLE

I also like the way Nuke was designed to work in a collaborative environment with all the default environment variables that you can setup to point Nuke to plugins, gizmos, scripts, what not, which is fantastic and really can save a lot of time and micro-management when developing scripts or creating custom gizmos for everyone in the studio to use! This is similar to XSI’s workgroup setup, which is rather clever, if you ask me :)

Anyways, here are some of the huge advantages of Nuke for my particular needs:

  • Full 32bit workspace, no exceptions, everything is 32bit no matter what
  • Python! Yes, I’m loving Python too, you know ;)
  • Speed
  • Very nice, customizable GUI
  • Tons of useful nodes available in standard installation
  • If you have setup a mroe complex pipeline in your studio, no problems, Nuke can be customized to fit right in, which is a huge thing!
  • At first, the whole viewer paradigm didn’t feel comfortable to me, coming from Fusion, but now, I’m finding it very powerful and very flexible, me likes!
  • Flexibility
  • Nuke seems to have been built with the whole 3D to 2D compositing in mind, which is exactly what I’m looking for
  • Price
  • The entire nodes paradigm with all the expressions and scripting is fantastic and extremely flexible

But as always, there are some disadvantages I’d like to see addressed in Nuke in the upcoming versions:

  • Complete lack of a timeline is a big minus for me, especially since it works quite nicely in Fusion for me
  • The Paint tools are bad, very unintuitive, very rigid and clumsy. The Paint node in Fusion is awesome and The Foundry should take a look in this area
  • Sometimes the GUI doesn’t update and I can’t pan around my script, I don’t know what this is, whether it’s caused by my system or Nuke itself, don’t know
  • It’d be nice if Python was a little more deeply integrated and TCL went away for good
  • The file browser is terrible, I can get used to it, but I don’t like it. I hope it’s customizable as much as the rest of Nuke
  • Animating could be a bit more user friendly, especially the management of keys. This could be easily fixed with introduction of a timeline

Nuke 5.1v5 PLE

Nuke seems to be very robust, fast, relatively affordable and primarily gets the job done. I’ll keep testing this version (5) of Nuke until the 6 is out (hopefully it’ll be seen at Siggraph this year) after which I’ll make my final decision whether to go the Nuke way or to stay with Fusion ;)


  1. Do you plan on going to Siggraph this year?

    Comment by tmaitland — May 21, 2009 @ 22:45

  2. Absolutely! :) I’ll be doing some demos for Cebas, as usual. If you’re going, let me know, we can hook up for a cold one ;)

    Comment by loocas — May 21, 2009 @ 23:10

  3. absolutely, i plan on going but im still playing it by ear.

    ill keep you posted :)


    Comment by tmaitland — May 22, 2009 @ 03:07

  4. whats buzzin bro?! still chillin? :)

    Yep. Nuke’s pretty cool. the new UI seems to lag when you have multiple properties windows open. you can limit it to always have the latest 3 or 4 open. it sucks..but for me it solved the lagg ;)

    Comment by goran — June 10, 2009 @ 01:45

  5. Heya, goran, the TP guru! ;)

    Dude, it’s not related to properties, I experience a different type of a lag when the entire node graph stops redrawing and I have to single-click in order to make it redraw and then on it works fine, until again it drops the lag. Not sure what it is, but it usually happens when adding new nodes to the graph… Strange shit…

    Hope you’re well, bro? ;) We have to talk man! I have some cool shit to do and I need your expertise, ya know, as always… :D

    Comment by loocas — June 10, 2009 @ 13:21

  6. hell yea! I’m totally in dude. I need some stuff for my reel as they pushed the release date of the movie back ;)
    and I’m taking some time off, so we can do tha real shit this summer ;) not this beginner stuff like in 2012 :D

    Comment by goran — June 13, 2009 @ 02:01

  7. 2012 will look like piece of piss in comparison, believe me! :D

    Comment by loocas — June 13, 2009 @ 11:42

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