duber purchases a license of RVIO

loocas | opinions,software | Saturday, September 24th, 2011


I’d test driven RV a few months ago to see what all the fuss was about. I was kind of satisfied with RV at that time, but didn’t really have a strong reason to switch from my beloved FrameCycler. Now, however, I needed a strong platform for conforming, ingesting and generally managing my review and delivery pipeline. My two immediate options were MetaRender and RVIO.

First of all, I am not a big fan of acquisitions. I admit it’s sometimes to the better for all of the parties involved, but sometimes, for the worse. I personally don’t see Adobe investing too much (at least not in the begining) to FrameCycler and MetaRender. They admitted they were more interested in the color grading suites. Secondly, RVIO provides a bit more robust framework for transcoding etc… and seems overall more powerful.

So, that’s the reason right there, I’m slowly switching to RV mainly thanks to RVIO. I wish FrameCycler all the very best, I certainly don’t want to see it go and it most likely won’t go anywhere, but, I think there are more interesting things happening on the RV side. :)


  1. Hi,
    Out of interest, did you look at pd player and compare to RV?

    Comment by Mike Owen — September 24, 2011 @ 15:19

  2. Hi Mike, yes, I did look at PDPlayer and I disliked it from the first sight. That’s about it. :) I just really don’t dig their UI design and the whole UX.

    In some respects I still prefer certain aspects of a beloved framecycler, but, honestly, framecycler has been lacking a bit lately and with the acquisition of Iridas by Adobe, I don’t think framecycler will see as much love as it deserves.

    RV on the other hand, seems more aggressive, more open (certainly more open!) and pipeline friendly. I like what Tweak has been doing and that’s basically what I based my decision on.

    Besides RVIO is the best value you can get anywhere. The software alone is worth an investment.

    Comment by loocas — October 27, 2011 @ 18:10

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