Windows Vista, WOW! Chapter II

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions,software,technical | Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

HA! Well, who would’ve guessed? I just reverted back to the classic Windows 2000 theme after reading:

If you are running Vista 64-bit the application setting is currently broken, hence forcing users to disable the feature at the operating system level.

By the way, a very interesting read, I strongly recommend going through the whole page.

I can put up with the laggin selection rectangle, but what I can’t put up with are the flickers, blinks and random color “flashes” 3ds Max does in Aero. I had problems with Photoshop CS2 when not running under Aero, the brushes and selection marquees lagged terribly, making my tablet useless in it. I just installed Photoshop CS4 and tried it out with DWM off and so far it seems not suffering from this bug, which is great! So, when I sum it up:

Running Aero:

  • + Photoshop CS2 doesn’t lag
  • + 3ds Max’s selection tools don’t lag
  • – 3ds Max’s embeded complex UI windows lag terribly (like Graph Editor)
  • – 3ds Max’s viewports blink pure white when maximized/minimized
  • – Overall negative Windows experience due to very badly designed UI (in my opinion)

Runnin without Aero:

  • – Photoshop CS2 randomly lags
  • – 3ds Max’s selection tools lag
  • + 3ds Max’s embeded complex UI windows don’t lag terribly (like Graph Editor)
  • + Overall positive Windows experience due to adjustable color themes
  • + 3ds Max’s viewports don’t blink randomly solid white colors
  • + Less likely to run into trouble with CGI applications in reagards to Aero

Now, even if it was 50:50, the fact that Max’s viewports blink pure white when max/minimized was one of the main reasons to turn Aero off, especially so now when I’ve upgraded to Photoshop CS4 which doesn’t suffer from the lags of CS2 in Vista without Aero.

All in all, 64bit systems, 64bit applications and Vista generally still have some way to go. But without Aero, I’m now experiencing quite a pleasant user interaction and my apps are working just fine (except for some glitches in Max).

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