Windows Phone 7, finally the perfect OS

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Windows Phone 7

I’ve been looking for the perfect phone since my good old Nokia 7650 I had in high school. It was a great phone, back then. Had a very comfy portrait keypad and a large screen. Since then I had a few more Nokias until finally switching to HTC phones. My first HTC was TyTN II, what a beast! Then, after the iPhone introduction, some more touch only or touch + type HTC phones. My last one was HD2. I loved and hated the phone equally.

wp7_screen_01 wp7_screen_02 wp7_screen_03

You see, the problem wasn’t the hardware, which is still one of the best even today. The problem was software. TyTN II with Windows Mobile 5 at least had a stylus and wasn’t that much about touch interface (remember, this was a pre-iPhone era). It was cool. Very expensive, but pretty cool. Then Windows Mobile 6 came around with a touch “skin” made by HTC. It was OK, but far, really far, from being smooth, deeply integrated or polished as iPhone’s was.

I ditched Windows Mobile over a year ago in favor of Android (still on my HD2). It was great! I fell in love with Android very, very fast and love it even today. The problem was, again, the smoothness. It just wasn’t at par with the holy grail, in this regard, the iPhone.

Finally I took a blind leap in Windows Phone 7 direction not very long ago. About two months? I bought a HTC 7 Pro, mainly because I was afraid the touch-type experience was going to be mediocre again, so I wanted to be safe with the full hardware qwerty keyboard on board. Man was I surprised! The user interface is as polished and smooth as it gets! I’m loving my phone again. Even typing short e-mails or SMSes on the software qwerty is a joy!

I love the form factor, I love the size, I love the user experience. I am honestly, deeply impressed with Windows Phone 7 and I wish it succeeds in the mobile OS war.

It still doesn’t have the developer base as it should, so, there certainly are fewer apps than for Android or iOS, but it’s getting there and honestly, everything I personally need is there.

As for sideloading, I’ve purchased a ChevronWP7 Pass (for about $9 USD) and officially unlocked my device, so I can sideload any app I wish! The tools for doing so are freely available directly from Microsoft. And once IronPython makes it to the platform, oh man will I be all over the developer side! ;)

Sweet times ahead. So if you haven’t checked Windows Phones out yet, give them a good hard look, they’re awesome!


  1. Can’t agree less. I have it for half year and this is the best mobile OS that I touched.

    Comment by deko — November 20, 2011 @ 17:26

  2. Using samsung focus its very good

    Comment by Warrior — November 22, 2011 @ 09:23

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