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As you might know, I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 recently, however, I’m slowly starting to regret it.

I’m a bit choleric about certain things, especially when somebody enforces me to do, think or work the way they want. And I’m extra sensitive to bad UI designs.

I generally think that Aero and especially its Aero Glass theme is a very badly designed theme with terrible user experience, globally. Windows 7, however, bring this nonsense to a whole new level by almost strictly enforcing you to use Aero, because without it, it simply doesn’t work!

Here are things I absolutely hate about Windows 7. They are mostly tiny details, mainly UI related, but all the more they piss me off! Especially since they not only influence my overall Windows 7 experience, but, by their nature, they influence it all the times.

Windows 7 - Icon Dragging

  • Icons don’t show up under the mouse cursor while being dragged

Windows 7 - Icon Spacing

  • Icon spacing in the List View mode in Explorer is almost twice as wide as it was in Vista

Windows 7 - Taskbar RightClick Menu

  • The entire idea of making programs “Pinnable” to the Taskbar, while praised as being ingenious, is ridiculously stupid. Not only is it positioned too far from the actual button, but it’s huge and I don’t want it to display pinning and other crappy info I already know. I admit it might be a bit useful in Aero with Live Previews and stuff, but in the old-school theme? Useless!

Windows 7 - Control Panel Icons Order

  • Control pane icons order. Do I need to say more?!

Windows 7 - Text Background In Search Areas In Explorer

  • Bright text background color in search areas in Explorer everywhere in Windows 7

Windows 7 - Windows Media Player 12

  • Windows Media Player 12 doesn’t remember its last size, always starts in its default mini size, then grows to fit the playing video. Also, I like to see how far in the video I am, so I switch it to show the [current time]/[overall video length] info. But it never remembers it and when run again, always defaults to the factory defaults.

Windows 7 - Administrator Priviledges

  • Since I also loathe the User Profiles paradigm, I still understand its purpose and design, but the whole security bullshit is ridiculous. I have to run most of my productivity software with Administrator priviledges, while I also am an Admin on my workstation, which doesn’t make any sense! Without the Admin priviledges, those programs can’t write in their install directories (Program Files) which makes them unusable.
  • Basically to make the system usable for a Power User who prefers raw computing power over, arguably, good looks, is a helluva work!

I had to tweak tons of Registry keys, fiddle around with services and more advanced system settings general users don’t even know are in Windows. So pretty much, it took me about three days to get to this point where I can’t seem to get the most annoying kinks ironed out (the icons not showing up below the cursor, the icons spacing etc…). This is not such a big deal for general users, as usually they don’t feel the need to setup Windows so deeply, since if it runs from the start, they’re happy about it. But I’m a fucking obsessed perfectionist and even the tiniest things usually piss me off so much that people get scared around me. Hell, even this character attribute of mine makes me want to kick my own ass. But I’m the way I am and I either learn to live with it, or make everything possible to conform my environment to my habbits and perfectionist liking, if possible.

Anyways, obviously there are things I love about Windows 7, but I think this makes for a more interesting read, instead of praising how super awesome this or that feature is, that you’ve probably read pretty much anywhere on the net by now ;)


  1. It must be because you have Aero disabled or something, but when files it shows the icon for me!
    Also WMP does remember the [current time]/[max time] thing. And pinning items to the taskbar(with previews and peek and all that) IS incredibly useful, but I can imagine if you’re using it in classic mode with no aero stuff it is pointless, but then it is also optional, so that doesn’t really matter.
    I DO agree about the control panel thing though, it can be a bit confusing trying to navigate through there.

    Comment by Mattg — November 12, 2009 @ 03:49

  2. Aero Sucks…

    to Pinning Programs:
    I´ve got for prog. pinned to Taskbar- TaskManager, Mozz.ThunderBirb, Mozz.Firefox and TotalCommander..

    rest of prog. shortcuts I´ve got in “faked” QuickLaunch (hate M$ for disabling this feautre :()

    and HowToFakeQuickLaunch
    1) for example on disk volume d:\ ive created folder with sort name i.e.: “!!” “..” “s”
    2)pack it with ShortCuts
    3)RMB on taskbar -> ToolBars -> New Toolbar … -> find your folder and click “Sellect folde”
    4)here it is.. if it is unpacked, you can drag it and move it…
    — you can repeat this for more folders
    ie “G”-games “Mu”- Musich “Mo”- movies “T”-tools “P”

    I am using only “!” for appliacions

    Comment by Oltskul — November 12, 2009 @ 20:45

  3. ps: middle mouse button click on program in TaskBar create/run new instance of this program

    Comment by Oltskul — November 12, 2009 @ 20:47

  4. I found your post when googling for solutions to these problems. I totally agree.

    I hated Vista, and this Windows 7 stuff doesn’t seem any better. Certainly not better than Windows XP. I don’t understand why they didn’t just improve on an already great product. It’s mind boggling how they come up with this garbage. Everything is totally spaced apart, more difficult to read, non-uniform and designed mostly to be pretty and distract away from using the technology for meaningful purposes.

    Might be time to dump Microsoft entirely… they had a good run I guess, but they never were any good with UI. The only good UI they’ve ever had was stuff that they took from other companies, they should have just continued that trend instead of reinventing their own wheel.

    Comment by Eric — December 6, 2009 @ 21:13

  5. My pet hate with Win 7 is the size of the text. I have good eyes but I still have to go really close to the screen. Changing the text size may work in the desktop but the problem is twice as bad with Explorer. OK, I can still zoom but it works with only a fraction of pages (text-only pages, c’mon, they’re not that common anymore). Don’t even get me started with the Start-area!

    Also, Win Media Player 12 is a huge step-back. I’ve spent hours updating each and every trace of track and album information and now suddenly it’s (practically) impossible. I’d also like to change the appearance of the player but I can’t even change something as simple as the colour of it.
    Looking back, I have to say I LOVED my XP. Thanks Microsoft.

    Comment by Unkka — February 21, 2010 @ 17:44

  6. i cold not agree more. windows 7 sucks the big tamales!!!

    Comment by budee — August 9, 2011 @ 20:14

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