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loocas | miscellaneous,opinions | Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I’ve finally received the Female anatomy figure from this morning, which is fantastic!

I’ve been waiting for this figure for ages! :) The male one I’ve had for about two years has proven to be a fantastic anatomy resource and has helped me tremendously in my work. So, naturally, the female one, which covers skin and flesh (the male one covers bones and muscle) should also be helpful in many ways. Still, they make a fantastic couple together :D

anatomy_female_01.jpg anatomy_female_02.jpg anatomy_female_03.jpg

They’ve improved the detachable limbs tremendously, they have magnetic joints, so they don’t require almost no effort in order to pull them apart, which is fantastic (that was one little drawback of the original Male figure). They used a slightly different paint color, but that doesn’t matter that much actually. But overall, the figure is fantastic. Detailed and just gorgeous!

Unfortunately I don’t have enough room on my work-desk for her right now, but thankfully we’ll be moving out to a house soon, so this will be a non issue. Anyways, I highly recommend these figures for anyone interested or in any way concerned in the human anatomy, these have proven to be really invaluable to the work I do (riggin, char. development etc…) and to the work my peers have been doing (modeling, texturing, concept design etc…). They are not exactly cheap, but definitely affordable, at least in the V.1 version.

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