Learning from your mistakes is the best you should do!

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions | Monday, March 16th, 2009

I love new projects, new challenges, new techniques, as they allow me to extend my knowledge, my experience, my skills further on. I love working with brilliant, open minded people, that I can learn from. I buy books, DVDs, read articles about new technologies, new techniques, anything that I see can help me get better, faster or simply put, more marketable in this tough area that CGI is. On the other hand, I don’t understand when someone doing the same mistake I had been doing refuses to listen to my experience and try to learn from it! It is a matter of self-education and evolution. I, unfortunately, wasn’t born with the limitless knowledge of everything and anything thinkable and therefore I have to learn along. But what I really don’t understand is why some people around me working in the same field, or even worse, on the same project, refuse to admit a mistake and learn from it?! It’s no shame being wrong as long as you learn your lesson out of it. I don’t feel ashamed missusing and missunderstanding or even not knowing about some subject, be it VFX, animation or other, CGI unrelated, life matters, but I’d be stupid not to learn my lesson and take as much as I can out of it. I admit, I hate being wrong, I hate not knowing something, I hate to look stupid, thus I have to make my best not to be an idiot and learn as much as I can, while I can.

Anyways, this long foreword reflects a recent talk I had with a friend of mine to which I was trying to explain what color spaces are and how to correctly use them in his workflow. His problem, I think, wasn’t that he didn’t understand the topic, at first I didn’t understand it either, but instead, I think he refused to learn something new, he refused to accept he was being wrong all the time he’d been doing CG, which is tough, no doubt about it, but if he doesn’t accept the fact that he doesn’t know much about the matter, hadn’t been using it correctly and will refuse to learn this topic, I won’t try to “impress” him with my knowledge anymore as I simply won’t bother. I don’t have a problem sharing my knowledge at all, quite the opposite, I feel proud of myself when I can “impress” with my knowledge or skills, who doesn’t?! But if I see someone not even trying to listen to what I say, I don’t have any reason to “bother” them with my knowledge, why should I if they don’t appretiate it?

The thing is, the friend of mine is a great artist, a bit “technically challenged”, but a great artist nontheless. However, he’s a bit up his head at times and has problems accepting his fault or the fact he’d been doing something, not necessarily wrong, but incorrectly, let’s say. When I first learned that I was doing something wrong, especially regarding color spaces, which dates all the way back to the very first render I produced in 3ds Max, I was furious! At first I didn’t want to admit I was being wrong all along! But then I realized this was the perfect time to learn something I hadn’t known about and I did. Now I’m very glad for that opportunity to learn this topic, especially since it’s such a fundamental matter regarding image production and authoring.

I only hope that my friend will come to his senses and realizes he should instead learn this new topic and take advantage of it, instead of denying it.

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