HTC Touch Diamond 2

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The best mobile phone you can get! Sure I’m a bit biased :D as I really dig HTC’s phones, but this one is truly remarkable!

I used to own TyTN II, then I bought a lower-end S730 smart-phone, but now I went back to touch enabled pohnes with this one. Not only does it have a huge screen with absolutely awesome resolution (800×480), which is even suitable for more demanding tasks, such as remote desktop administration (checking on your render machines while on the go is just the thing that gets you the chills, if you’re geeky like me ;) ). Also, since it’s a WinMo device, there are tons of apps. you can use for your daily work! I couldn’t live without Total Commander for example or XnView! Also, other apps that take advantage of the G-Sensor, like a compass, level or a protractor, very handy!

HTC Touch Diamond 2

I don’t give a shit about all the iPhone vs. the rest of the world crap. I don’t give a shit about iPhone. I love HTC and I’ll most likely stay with them as they seem to get better and better with each device they release. The proof is that on TyTN II, I didn’t like the touchscreen at all. It was cumbersome, small, slow and with my huge mits I wasn’t able to fully appretiate it. So I went for a smart-phone category without a touch screen. But then, they revamped the whole touch line with this model (and the Touch Pro 2), upgraded the specs, put the resolution on steroids and got rid of the friggin bezel around the display, so it’s nice and smooth. And man! the TouchFlo 3D 2 is just awesome! Most of the commonly used UI in WinMo has been redesigned and utilized by TouchFlo so you can really finally navigate completely throughout the entire system (the most commonly used parts that is) with your fingers! The system and the UI is also pretty snappy too!

HTC Touch Diamond 2

What surprised me most probably was the price! I got it for about 8500,- Kc (roughly about $450 USD) which is a great price! Considering I paid about twice as much for the TyTN II, this is a bargain!

I’ve had the phone for a few days now. So far I moved my contacts over, made some calls and sent some mails and messages and the system really feels super snappy. Now I installed most of the programs I use often (Skype, TotalCMD, RDC etc…) and I’m really satisfied with the experience and usability I’m getting! Really well worth it and I highly recommend anyone into the techy-geegy stuff to at least take a look at this baby… ;)


  1. My friends say Windows Mobile is the most smart OS.
    As for this phone, I miss the diamond cuts on the back you can get on the Diamond I device!

    Comment by Gale Mayer — June 24, 2009 @ 08:20

  2. I can’t say WM is the “most smart OS”, but it’s definitely among the top OSes on the market. I just prefer WM over Symbian or OSX mobile.

    As for this device, the cuts on the back are the last thing that interest me ;)

    Comment by loocas — June 24, 2009 @ 11:19

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