loocas | hardware,miscellaneous | Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Oh, I love this! I always feel like a child when new toys arrive! :D

This time, I ordered a high-end workstation, dual Xeon E5620, 24GB or RAM, 2GB GeForce etc… some UPSs, a SuperMicro SuperServer 1U blade, which I intend to use for license distribution, database administration and generally to offload some “administrative” tasks from the main file server at the studio. It’s a single Xeon, 6GB of RAM and about 200GB of HDD space.

I also decided to finally give SSDs a test drive. However, I’m not really impressed by the regular, SATA, SSD performance/price ratio so I decided to see if those PCIe drives perform any better. And they should, based on the specs. This one is one of the slowest (540MB/s, 450MB/s read, write respectively) and cheapest, but I only intend to use it as a test drive for speed comparisons. It’s only 50GB, OCZ RevoDrive SSD, so, if it doesn’t perform as I expect, I won’t regret the purchase. But if it does, I’ll be ordering a 512GB Z-Drive R2 P82, also from OCZ, as my primary work drive. That one should be almost two times as fast as the RevoDrive here, but it also comes at a steep 10 times higher price tag. So, that’s why I’m testing on the cheapest (which still cost about $350 USD) drive. If I buy the larger one, I’ll use this one for the OS instead. Hopefully the 50GB will be enough for the system to comfortably run on…

Oh, I also invested in some more software licenses as you can see. ;)

Well, I’ll report on the system’s performance and setup when I have the time. Gotta finish what’s on the table right now. Stay tuned!

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