Giving Aero one last shot

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions,software | Monday, November 16th, 2009

That’s true. I’m so pissed and desperate that Microsoft broke the old classic themes in Windows 7 that I’m willing to give Aero one last try.

I’m already having hard times getting used to the over-brightened workspace (dual monitor setup certainly doesn’t help), especially since I’m used to working late at nights. I adjusted most of my professional applications to make it a little more easy on me. I’ve brightened 3ds Max a little:

3ds Max 2009

I’ve brightened Nuke a bit as well:

Nuke 5.2v1

And of course, I had to brighten my beloved Total Commander:

Total Commander 7.50a

And the last thing I want to customize is the web browser. I’ve been using Firefox for ages now. I don’t even remember when I installed it for the first time. The thing is, Firefox, by default, takes its UI from Windows, as most apps do. Including the terribly light blue tabs, address and bookmarks pane. It’s hideous, overbrightened and just ugly to look at all the time. I can’t get used to this. So I looked at tons of themes available for Firefox, however, most of them were even uglier, brighter or plain stupid. There weren’t many “neutral” or “classic” themes that I’d like. So I looked around for a different web browser since I’m not a very demanding user. All I need is my bookmarks and the internet banking to work, then I’m happy with whatever I have, perhaps except for IE, which isn’t that bad, but it’s an overkill for a simple web browser. Then I realized Google has released a web browser not very long ago, Chrome. That might be worth checking out. So I download it (in my virtual machine at first though) and gave it a quick test run. It runs everything I need (and I don’t need much, really :) ). So, I might be intrigued to switch to Chrome from Firefox, well, until perhaps they release 3.7 or maybe 4.x, which might look also nice and not distracting that much.

Google Chrome

Anyways, I’m really trying hard to get comfortable and used to Aero, even though I think that at one point, if Microsoft finally gets its shit together, I might switch back to the classic theme, even though I like some of the Aero features, which are mainly just eye-candy I can certainly live without. In the mean time, I’ll try not to get blind from all the white on my two screens. And I was actually going to upgrade to a 30″ + 2x 24″ workspace. That’d kill me in the middle of the night while trying to open a folder in Explorer.

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