Custom UV and Tracking maps for VFX professionals.

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Specialists demand special tools. This is what drove me to create these two, very specific, custom texture maps for VFX professionals. The first of the two is a custom UV texture map used for visually evaulating the level of precision and correctness of UV coordinates on 3D meshes. The other one is a custom TRACKING texture map developed for compositors for 2D tracking purposes of 3D renders or any other 3D elements that were 3D tracked and rendered.

The Goal:
The reason for this project is that I want to make these texture maps a general standard for anyone in the VFX business! I want you to grab those textures and use them as you like as much as you like!
The only one condition (not strict, nor enforced) I have is that you link back to my site: either duber studio or duber’s blog, in return or provide any other kind of a credit.

The story:
I’ve encountered quite a success when I first offered my custom made UV map reference I prepared mainly for my own purposes when UV mapping geometry in 3D. I felt the standard available checker map lacked quite a lot of features for successful visual feedback and error recognition when doing such a tedious task. I needed a raster that’d address several, strict, conditions. First off, the map should be readable, by that I mean you should be able to recognize which direction the map flows on the surface from a single glance. Also, the map should have certain high-frequency features so that you could spot even the smallest quirks and errors in the UVs. Thirdly, it should be colorful, so that rendering it provides instant visual feedback and draws attention. And at last, it should not be seamless, so that you can instantly see the map’s boundaries and you can quickly identify the UV’s scale.


custom_uv_diag.png custom_uv_horizontal.png custom_uv_gray.png

The other map was developed for 2D post-tracking purposes. This map is useful for sticking certain 2D features in a composition, like, for example, you have a fully 3D tracked scene for your shot, you render the CG elements out and now you’d need to add a splash or sparkles somewhere and stick them to a wall. You can import the 3D tracking data, but most of the times it’s an overkill. So all you need is another render with such a map applied to proxy geometrical objects (boxes, planes etc…) from which you can 2D track. Again, I set a few strict condition and rules after browsing the net for reference, on which the maps should be based. The opinions and experiences of top-class VFX artists varied from one article to another, but generally, I was able to pull off some important features that all of the artists required. The map should be readable. There should be clearly visible the orientation of the map. The solid color of the map should either be green or blue according to the demands of the VFX artists. As I believe the VFX professionals know what they’re doing and know exactly what they want, instead of providing a single texture, I decided rather to give you a choice. I’ll give you the whole PSD file with several layers already prepared for you so you can either quickly save the file as a PNG/TIF/TGA or whatever and use it, or, you can, based on your own preferences and demands, modify the map as you wish and only use my file as a guide.

custom_tracking_map_example_01.png custom_tracking_map_example_02.png

custom_tracking_blue.png custom_tracking_green.png custom_tracking_grey.png

As stated before, both of the maps are offered in a PSD (Photoshop CS2) format, uncompressed, 8bit, 2048x2048px, with several layers already prepared for you so that you can instantly use any one of the variations or make your own modifications (which is allowed).

The Downloads:
2K custom UV Map PSD (Photoshop CS2)
2K custom TRACKING Map PSD (Photoshop CS2)

Creative Commons License

Custom UV and Tracking maps for VFX artists are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Provided “as is” by loocas duber |,


  1. Prave jsem ji stahnul placku na kontrolu tracku.
    Supr spicka.
    Dik Honza HO HO

    Comment by jan — March 10, 2009 @ 15:01

  2. Sam Johnny Heusler poctil muj blog navstevou?! ;) Jsem pocten!

    A jsem rad, ze se ti ty mapky hodej! ;)

    Comment by loocas — March 10, 2009 @ 15:52

  3. Thanks for making these! Awesome..

    Comment by James Kirkman — December 6, 2009 @ 20:01

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