Autodesk to acquire universe.

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A shocking news struck upon the CG community on October the 23rd as Autodesk and Softimage announced the acquisition of Softimage and its intellectual property etc… by Autodesk.

It has been about two years since Autodesk acquired Alias and so far, the development seems steady, bit slower, but steady and going forward, in my opinion, with all the nice features, core improvements and general enhancements. So, it’ll be interesting to see what will happen to XSI. My wildest guess would be specializing each of the app to its own field, such as Maya on film, XSI on games and 3ds Max on Arch&Viz. This’d probably make most sense, however, then comes to mind the whole interoperability everybody talks about. What would it be good for if these packages specialised in their own respective field? Why would you then want to bring a game asset in an Arch&Viz project? Or vice-versa. What for? So, another guess is (and this has been talked about for years if I remember correctly) a huge merge app that’d come out of these three. In my opinion, this’d blow our socks off! But what to pick? Each of these apps has its own really strong features, really weak features and specialties that none of the other apps has. Well, we’ll see in the years to come what Autodesk really plans to do. One thing is certain, it’ll either rock or suck ass! We’ll see. I for one am really looking forward to CAT being integrated in 3ds Max as well as some other cool features that’ll potentially arise from this acquisition. I hope that Autodesk won’t start increasing the software licence prices as they are already quite high, especially in Europe where they’re about twice as much as what they are in the US! That’s unfair! Oh, btw: if XSI gets the super-awesome new ViewCube navigation feature, I’ll piss myself from laughter :D, such an essential element to our workflow!

In the mean time, however, you can enjoy this hilarious video of an Autodesk meeting prior to Softimage acquisition :D


  1. looool! That’s some funny shit man! the comparison is great :D

    Comment by Goran — November 20, 2008 @ 18:51

  2. “Autodesk won’t start increasing the software licence prices as they are already quite high, especially in Europe where they’re about twice as much as what they are in the US! ”

    … and who will stop them, once they own more then 90% of 3D users? I mean they do not own them, but the licences they work with, heh .))

    Comment by DavidD — November 30, 2008 @ 13:42

  3. DavidD

    You’re right, however, you should see that this opens up even more possibilities for companies like Luxology or Nevercenter, so, it could actually be pretty good for us, 3d users. Could… :)

    You see, when a market is saturated with “satisfied” customers, you won’t cut much of the pie, however, when there’s press and dissatisfaction amongs most of them, that’s a good sign for a small revolution in the segment.

    It might work, might not. All in all, Autodesk can’t compete with a company called W@rez Inc. can it ;) So, basically, if they increase the prices, less users will even consider paying for the licences. Then they’ll blame the piracy and internet, fire large amounts of engineers, then a small company emerges off of those fired employees and a brand new, fairly priced, universal 3D app. gets released and we’ll all be smiling ear-to-ear :)

    But this is still years to come.

    Comment by loocas — November 30, 2008 @ 14:37

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