24p via 60i, part 2

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions,software | Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

As a follow-up to my previous post, 24p via 60i, what a pain in the ass!, I’ve gone through several forum discussions, blogs and user posts to find out what works best for the 60i to 24p conversion.

I’ve seen several software options and packages that did the inverse-telecine process right. One of them is CineForm’s NeoScene. It’s a $129 USD package that does a bit more than the conversion process. It also correctly interpolates the chroma 4:2:0 → 4:2:2 and saves the data in a 10bit intermediate file, which is nice. It can also deinterlace, should you wish to go 30p from 60i or 25p from 50i.

I’ve also compared the clumsy process of mine (exporting an interlaced image sequence and then applying a pulldown in ProCoder) with the result from NeoScene to see how far off I was. Surprisingly I managed to get the exact same results as I would when doing the pulldown in Premiere CS4, but the NeoScene footage was different. Don’t mind the color difference (Adobe Media Encoder’s to blame here) in the image below that compares the NeoScene footage on the left with my mumbo-jumbo footage on the right. One thing I’ve noticed is that the NeoScene footage had a noticeable, almost like ghosting, motion blur, that the ProCoder footage didn’t. But on the other hand, the ProCoder footage froze for a frame every 5 or 6 frames.

Inverse Telecine comparison

I guess NeoScene is right here as it’s primarily designated to deal with AVCHD 60i to 24p conversion, however I’m yet to test insert a CG element into the 24p footage to see if it can be fit properly including the motion blur etc. Hopefully I’ll have some spare time this weekend to take a look at this issue. In the mean time, I’ll be looking for my credit card to place an order for NeoScene ;)

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