Saturday hike

loocas | photos | Thursday, January 24th, 2008

In early December 2007 me and a good ol’ friend of mine, Hardy (pictured on some of the photos), went for a hike and since it was an exceptionally nice day I didn’t want to forget to take my camera with me. So, here are some pictures I personally liked and postprocessed a bit in Photoshop. All originally taken at 10mpix res. in a RAW format (which I personally prefer) and scaled down to a “desktop” res.

drain.jpg fuckin_gods.jpg chicken_shit.jpg lookout_01.jpg lookout_02.jpg lookout_03.jpg relative_scale.jpg ruins_01.jpg ruins_02.jpg ruins_03.jpg ruins_04.jpg ruins_05.jpg ruins_06.jpg ruins_07.jpg ruins_08.jpg ruins_09.jpg ruins_10.jpg smoke_joy_01.jpg thinker.jpg trees_01.jpg

The UPP force

loocas | photos | Monday, January 21st, 2008

I’ve been working with UPP for the past four months on an upcoming movie “Nutcracker: The Untold Story” and here are some pictures I’d taken last week and edited slightly in Photoshop, of some of my collegues and friends, working on the project:

Our head of 3d, awesome dude, Buf (btw: I highly admire his stamina!):

buf_smoking.jpg buf_sleepy.jpg buf_loocas.jpg buf_lighting.jpg buf_cool.jpg buf_ut3.jpg

Another great 3d dude, Tom:

atom_typing.jpg atom_tough.jpg atom_wtf.jpg atom_screaming.jpg

Other folks, I only took one photo of (from left to right): Viky, fantastic Maya VFX artist, Francesco, XSI guru, JohnBruk, superb Cinema 4D artist, Blitz, great XSI artist and a real good lighting TD and last, but not least, IcemanJ, great 3ds Max modeler:

viky.jpg francesco.jpg johnbruk.jpg blitz.jpg ice_croissant.jpg

Here’s one of our cute receptionists, Bara and a picture of the backyard we go to for cigarette breaks ;)

bara_shy.jpg bara.jpg corners.jpg

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