Siggraph 2009 in pictures

loocas | miscellaneous,photos | Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

siggraph_2009_021.jpg siggraph_2009_022.jpg siggraph_2009_023.jpg siggraph_2009_024.jpg siggraph_2009_025.jpg siggraph_2009_026.jpg siggraph_2009_027.jpg siggraph_2009_028.jpg siggraph_2009_029.jpg siggraph_2009_030.jpg siggraph_2009_031.jpg siggraph_2009_032.jpg siggraph_2009_033.jpg

The closest I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions,photos | Friday, July 31st, 2009

Fake Statue of Liberty

American kitsch at its best… :D

maxarea mini-meetup

loocas | photos | Sunday, February 1st, 2009

A few of the maxarea users met-up at a billiard game-center and I managed to took some photos between my pool turns ;)

minisraz_20090131_001.jpg minisraz_20090131_002.jpg minisraz_20090131_003.jpg minisraz_20090131_004.jpg minisraz_20090131_005.jpg minisraz_20090131_006.jpg minisraz_20090131_007.jpg minisraz_20090131_008.jpg minisraz_20090131_009.jpg minisraz_20090131_009.jpg minisraz_20090131_010.jpg minisraz_20090131_011.jpg minisraz_20090131_012.jpg minisraz_20090131_013.jpg minisraz_20090131_014.jpg minisraz_20090131_015.jpg minisraz_20090131_016.jpg minisraz_20090131_017.jpg minisraz_20090131_018.jpg minisraz_20090131_020.jpg minisraz_20090131_021.jpg minisraz_20090131_022.jpg minisraz_20090131_023.jpg minisraz_20090131_019.jpg

Sunday walk

loocas | photos | Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

A few pictures from this sunday’s walk. It’s freezing here!

hip.jpg padlock.jpg road.jpg swing.jpg tentacles.jpg autumn.jpg field_pano.jpg

Some photos of late

loocas | photos | Friday, January 2nd, 2009

ruby_pf_02.jpg ruby_channel_02.jpg ruby_channel.jpg ruby.jpg pole_02.jpg pole.jpg lonely_tree.jpg industrial.jpg lake.jpg lake_02.jpg blair_witch.jpg mcdonalds.jpg kostel_sv_petra_a_pavla.jpg kostel_sv_petra_a_pavla_02.jpg mutti.jpg stromek.jpg

PF 2009

loocas | miscellaneous,photos | Wednesday, December 24th, 2008


Some photos of late

loocas | photos | Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

babul.jpg field.jpg kubik.jpg ruby_attack.jpg ruby_bone.jpg ruby_garden.jpg ruby_channel.jpg ruby_marcela.jpg ruby_sleepy.jpg

Autumn’s here

loocas | photos | Sunday, September 21st, 2008

A few selected pictures from today’s walk. I hope you’ll like.

cart.jpg umbrellas.jpg le_rouge.jpg railroad.jpg red.jpg rocks.jpg baby.jpg cock.jpg dad_umbrella.jpg flowers.jpg baba.jpg wtf.jpg ill_have_you.jpg

Sunday at golf

loocas | photos | Monday, September 8th, 2008

This sunday, my dad and my bro went for a quick, practise, match to the local golf course in Prague, Hostivar. I’ve wanted to go with them for some time, to shoot some photos. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as good as on saturday, but at least the lighting conditions were uniform. Anyways, here are a few, selected, color corrected, comped etc… pictures I personally like the most. Hope you’ll like too ;)

golf_21.jpg golf_22.jpg golf_15.jpg golf_16.jpg golf_17.jpg golf_18.jpg golf_19.jpg golf_20.jpg golf_14.jpg golf_13.jpg golf_12.jpg golf_11.jpg golf_10.jpg golf_09.jpg golf_08.jpg golf_07.jpg golf_06.jpg golf_05.jpg golf_04.jpg golf_03.jpg golf_02.jpg golf_01.jpg

Dog walk

loocas | photos | Thursday, August 28th, 2008

A few pictures of our dog, Channela, taken during today’s walk. Hope you’ll like.

channela_curious.jpg channela_posing.jpg channela_side_look.jpg channela_side_sit.jpg channela_side_posing.jpg channela_sitting.jpg channela_sitting_mouth_open.jpg channela_stare.jpg thorn.jpg clouds.jpg

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