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loocas | miscellaneous | Saturday, December 29th, 2018

I’ve been very busy for the past two years, contrary to lack of content here, with transforming my business into something completely different and, seemingly, unrelated.

I don’t want to go into details just yet, however I hope to write some more about my way out of the VFX/post production business into a completely different one: firearms and ammunition.

By the way, the picture above is a design of a custom trim die and a trim router adapter for it for our manufacturing line, so, I’m still, kinda, doing some 3D :)

More coming soon… ish…

Migrating encoding presets from an older Premiere Pro CC to Premiere Pro CC 2017

loocas | miscellaneous,software | Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


Adobe changed the folder structure for the presets files, again, which is a huge pain in the ass when migrating to a newer version of Premiere Pro, etc. Especially when the presets are not carried on automatically (as they should!)

Navigate to your current presets folder and copy all the presets you’ve got there into your clipboard.

Then navigate to this folder:

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\11.0\Presets and paste them there.

Done, now your presets will show up in Premiere Pro CC 2017 as well as in Media Encoder CC 2017.

Selecting specific frame ranges of files on disk

loocas | miscellaneous,technical | Monday, April 11th, 2016


Ever needed to select a specific frame range of rendered files on your hard drive (say, only frames 280 through 455)?

I do, all the time. It’s not a problem for a single sequence of, say, only the BEAUTY renders. But what if you have a ton of AOVs (render elements) on your disk and you need to select the same frame range for copying/renaming/moving/deleting/etc…? That can be a real pain in the ass.

Luckily we have Total Commander. :)

If you invoke the quick select (expand selection) window (by the way, this tool will ADD to your selection, which is also handy), you can utilize Regular Expressions. This expression will select only those files within (including) the range of 280 – 455:


It's really that simple and I think you get the logic. You can expand this technique to any kind of sequence of any length. Works every time. :)

Premiere Pro CC 2014 GPU accelerated previews on new cards

loocas | miscellaneous,software,technical | Sunday, August 10th, 2014


I’ve recently upgraded my GPU to a TITAN Black with 6GBs of RAM, which is awesome, however, Adobe does not “support” this card in its current CC 2014 version.

However, there is no reason this card should not be supported, it’s only that Adobe hasn’t tested the card yet and thus does not provide any support towards it. But, fear not, TITAN Black will render the GPU accelerated previews and everything just fine. You just have to force-enable it in Premiere (and the likes). Here’s how:

  • Go to your Premiere Pro CC 2014 installation folder, in my case: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014
  • Shift + Right-Click in that folder in order to launch the Command Line, from the menu, starting in that folder (this tip is free of charge ;) )
  • Execute the gpusniffer.exe program and see what name of your card it lists at the top
  • Mine said “Renderer: GeForce GTX TITAN Black/PCIe/SSE2
  • In the very same folder, locate the “cuda_supported_cards.txt” file and open it for editing
  • Simply add your card at the end of the list. Do not include the “/PCIe/SSE2” parts, just the name of the card

Done. Now Premiere Pro CC 2014 recognizes the card for Mercury playback and uses the GPU for acceleration.

Note: If you rather own an OpenCL GPU, edit the “opencl_supported_cards.txt” file instead of the “cuda_supported_cards.txt”.

Migrating encoding presets from Premiere Pro CC to Premiere Pro CC 2014

loocas | miscellaneous,software | Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


If you’re, like me, on the Creative Cloud subscription, you’ve most likely upgraded your applications to the CC 2014 version. Which is all fine and dandy, because your shortcuts and settings got migrated over or synced via the Adobe Sync feature, right? Wrong! For some, unknown, reason the media encoding presets in Premiere and Media Encoder did not get transferred over, so your most favourite and most used presets are just gone and you have to re-do them one by one again.

But fear not, my friends, there is a very simple way (not so obvious, unfortunately, because Adobe chooses NOT to share this info with anyone).

Simply go to your local user directory:


And copy everything from there to the new one:


Done, now your presets will show up in the Premiere Pro CC 2014 as well as in the Media Encoder CC 2014.

Charge The Dragon

loocas | miscellaneous,showcase | Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Have you seen this beauty? :) It’s worth the watch.

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

I had the privilege of contributing with my rigging and some other technical thingies, including some rendering here and there. :) Enjoy!

Wacom vs. Microsoft, again…

loocas | miscellaneous,technical | Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Here it goes again.

After reinstalling Windows (7 x64, SP1) I installed all my drivers and peripherals, etc… and the tablet is making trouble again.

I konw I had to uninstall the standard Windows Tablet and Touch input piece of shit, disable flicks, or better yet, disable the Tablet input service for good. Luckily Wacom fixed their driver and the right-click button doesn’t hang in programs such as Total Commander etc… so kudos for that. However, I wasn’t able to get rid of one last little annoying feature: the touch/click rings that splash under your cursor every time you hit the tablet plate.


Until a post deep on some internet forums by a guy calling himself juzerneem suggested a very elegant solution (better than most, suggesting editing registries etc.)

Just go to the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and:

  • Navigate to User Configuration – Administrative Templates – Windows Components – Tablet PC – Cursors
  • Set Turn Off Pen Feedback to Enabled

Done! :)

Hope this helps anyone trying to get rid of that overly-annoying feature that I can’t even grasp why it was implemented.

VFX solidarity

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions | Monday, February 25th, 2013

Green and Blue Screens

There would be no fun without VFX!

Shotgun is $49 bucks per month!

loocas | miscellaneous,Python,software | Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Shotgun new price banner

I was shocked and very pleased to hear that Shotgun Software decided to unify their pricing and bring it down to $49 USD per month per user with the API! How awesome is that?!

That brings me to a thought of actually releasing our duberPython plugin for a ridiculously low price so that EVERYONE can use Shotgun and our Python module in their pipeline!

Let me know what you think, guys and I’ll prep the installations in the meantime.

Lack of updates

loocas | miscellaneous | Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I’ve been extremely busy recently, thus the updates on this blog have been, well, nonexistent. :)

I promise I’ll write about some really fucking exciting shit (oh yeah: Max, Mari, Nuke…) pretty soon, but I’ll have to deliver two more TVCs this and early next month. So, possibly right after that.

Stay tuned, you won’t be dissappointed, I promise. ;) Cheers…

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