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loocas | 3ds Max,technical | Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Render with Max Shortcut

Another one of those little things that can save up a ton of time in day to day productions.

I’ve added a simple “render with 3ds Max” shortcut to my right-click menu, so that I don’t have to open up Max if I need to render a scene. This actually came in handy on the current project where I was modifying a few scenes and re-saving them. Then I went through a few of them manually and needed to render them out quickly for reference. No need to actually run Max, open the scene, hit F9… it was all setup, I just needed to render them out.

If you want to modify your right-click menu this same way, just modify this registry key (3ds Max 2013 in this case):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Render with 3ds Max 2013"

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\3ds Max 2013\\3dsmaxcmd.exe\" \"%1\""

Done. :)


  1. Super … diky za tip! Muzu doporucit program “FileMenu Tools” na pohodlnou zpravu right-click menu.

    FileMenu Tools allows you to customise the context menu of Windows Explorer.
    Files: max
    Program: C:\3ds Max Design 2013\3dsmaxcmd.exe
    Arguments: “%FILEPATH1%”

    Comment by Stealth — March 19, 2013 @ 13:58

  2. Now I see that FileMenu Tools is full off “free” super tool bars … watch what you install.

    Comment by Stealth — March 19, 2013 @ 14:12

  3. this is genius! very comfortable. no more cmd.exe :=

    Comment by 3d designer berlin — April 23, 2013 @ 14:14

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