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loocas | 3ds Max,software,technical | Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Autodesk has changed the way inis are being loaded up in 3ds Max 2010. I didn’t know (even though I was on the beta program) about this new feature until I bumped into a problem with it. Namely, plugin.ini seems to be loaded at startup no matter what, which means setting up various flavours of 3ds Max requires an additional step that wasn’t necessary before.

I also beta test finalRender for Cebas and I heavily customize Max beyond the UI, which means I load up certain plugins at certain times, when I need them. Up until now it has been the way that by default (without specifying a different ini file), Max tries to load up everything that’s in plugin.ini, which worked perfectly for a full-blown installation whenever I needed it. But since 3ds Max 2010 it seems that plugin.ini is being loaded up every time no matter what I specify during the startup. This means that I have several other ini files with various configurations and plugins I want to load up using the -p parameter for 3dsmax.exe, like this:

"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\3dsmax.exe" -p myConfig.ini

Now I bumped into a problem when Max was trying to load a full, retail, version of finalRender Stage-1 R2 as well as my beta version of fR (specified in a different ini) at the same time, which caused a conflict. So essentially, for a full version of fR I run Max with fR_RETAIL.ini settings and for a beta version I run fR_BETA.ini settings. Now I only keep stuff that I want to run every time in plugin.ini, no matter what configuration I’m using. This is a bit of a change and I though I’d point that out for anyone interested in customizing the hell out of 3ds Max 2010 ;)


  1. Nice to know – I’ll keep it in mind.

    Comment by Alex — May 21, 2009 @ 20:37

  2. thanks for you post. just what i needed to know

    Comment by architect in arizona — June 24, 2009 @ 23:45

  3. Hi Duber,

    Love your website. Great info! I

    I have a question concerning the max ini file. Maybe you have some answers?

    I am trying to standardize the max settings in our small archviz office. So what i am trying to do is to copy my ini settings over to all aother computers with max. Eventually i would like to do this everytime a user logs and make sure he has the most recent ini file copied over to his computer through some batch script.

    The problem i am running into is that users have their own user name and profile. And the max ini file is stored in the user’s folder under document and settings.

    So severall paths that are set with my username will not be the same for other uses. This gives conflicts when starting max eventually crashing max. So now i was wondering if there is some workaround for this. I know that within a batch script u can change the username to %ûsername% and by doing so the username will be replaced by the username that logs in. By did did not work for the ini file. A other option would be to set max to search for the ini file in the root of max. But i can not remember how to do this.

    Do you have any pointers for solving this? We are also setting up a small renderfarm. I guess for a render farm u also need to copy the ini file over to the render servers?

    Best regards from the Netherlands,

    Joost Tangelder

    Comment by Joost Tangelder — December 4, 2009 @ 12:52

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