Autodesk cannot write good software

loocas | 3ds Max,opinions | Sunday, March 31st, 2013

stupid autodesk

I just realized that after seeing what Autodesk has been doing to the (at the very least) DCC software packages for a long time now.

They just can’t write good software. Nothing breath taking, let alone revolutionary. Just look at it. All they sell is software they bought from really smart and bold developers in the past. Then they pretty much kept it the same way it had been, including all the bugs, quirks and issues, but slapping on fancier and fancier GUIs they also bought or licensed from someone else (Qt anyone?). They don’t have the balls, even though they pretty much have a monopoly on the DCC field. Pussies.

Seriously, when was the last time you were excited a new version of anything from Autodesk is coming out soon? I haven’t. Hell, I haven’t been even excited about their betas in a long while. Autodesk doesn’t listen to the users, they don’t care much about the old time power users either. They just don’t give a shit, in my opinion.

So, with all seriousness, I’m truly considering cancelling my subscription and just don’t give a shit back.

Repathing 3ds Max assets externally, command line utility

loocas | 3ds Max,software,technical | Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Repath Max Assets cmd

Do you remember my post about repathing 3ds Max assets in the .max and .mat files without actually running 3ds Max? Well, I cooked up a little utility that can be run from the command line without any IronPython installed. You can use this simple exe file to repath or simply just list all your external asset paths inside your .max and .mat files, should you need to. And since it’s a command line utility you can run it from within your programs and catch the outputs or batch feed it data for processing etc…

Anyways, the syntax is pretty simple:

You need to call the program and then pass it a .max or .mat scene file. If you provide only that, it’ll list the file’s asset paths. But if you provide a -p parameter followed by a new path, it’ll re-path all the file’s external assets to the new location you provided. Unfortunately, there is no way for me (afaik) to distinguish what is an actual render output or RE output and what are texture or cache data inputs, so everything will be linked to the new directory at once.

Should you need any help, just call the program without any parameters, or with the parameter -h for help.

Download the program from here.

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