Windows Phone 7, finally the perfect OS

loocas | miscellaneous,opinions | Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Windows Phone 7

I’ve been looking for the perfect phone since my good old Nokia 7650 I had in high school. It was a great phone, back then. Had a very comfy portrait keypad and a large screen. Since then I had a few more Nokias until finally switching to HTC phones. My first HTC was TyTN II, what a beast! Then, after the iPhone introduction, some more touch only or touch + type HTC phones. My last one was HD2. I loved and hated the phone equally.

wp7_screen_01 wp7_screen_02 wp7_screen_03


Deadline’s Power Management helps you save money

loocas | deadline,miscellaneous,software | Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Deadline headline

I’m, along with Gavin Greenwalt from Straightface, featured in Thinkbox’s study that took a look into the Deadline Power Management feature and how it can help save your studio money in the end.

Go ahead, it’s an interesting read.

RVIO in a daily use

loocas | Python,RV,software,technical | Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


Every TD knows that command line tools are among the most powerful in their arsenal of tricks and secrets.

I want to mention RVIO, as today it saved me quite a lot of time (again), which is absolutely key when a deadline is coming.

My client requested a minor tweak of animation (a lip sync, to be concrete) on an almost finished shot. So, the general approach would be to do the change, have the animation data go through the pipeline and at the end have the finished frames ready to be loaded in an existing edit, which then gets rendered out and the final result gets showed to the client.

All fine, until you realize your render farm is completely full with other shots, so you have to skip the “beauty” pass rendering and only present the client with a, somehow, polished preview directly from your 3D package, which isn’t the safest way, trust me. But this client is great and understands that what he sees is actually only a preview of the animation.

So, the last piece of puzzle to solve is to get the preview assembled with additional layers of information (such as frame number, shot name etc…), basically a slightly customized overlay. All this sounds nice and simple, you just open up (in my case) Premiere Pro, swap the layers, render out the portion you need and be done with it.

But this certainly isn’t the TD way. ;)


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