More power!

loocas | deadline,miscellaneous,technical | Thursday, November 25th, 2010

More Power

That’s right. One more render slave added to the mix. So far, I’ve got full 120GHz of render power at my disposal, which will come in handy in no time as I’ll be sending about 36 jobs on the farm tomorrow. :)

Thus the VRay testing (I’ll have to use VRay for several reasons for the current job).

Also, I’ll write some more on how to make VRay painlessly distributed over your render farm. Stay tuned!

duber studio purchased its first NukeX license

loocas | miscellaneous,Nuke,software | Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Nuke banner

Finally! I made the commitment to build my pipeline on the very popular and successful high-end compositing package, Nuke from The Foundry.

I took advantage of their incredible deal (still valid until the end of November) and bought NukeX, Furnace and some render licenses for my studio.

Now it’s the hard-core pipeline integration time! ;) Stay tuned!

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