I switched to VLC

loocas | miscellaneous | Monday, August 23rd, 2010

VLC Logo

I’ve been a user of Media Player Classic since I remember. I don’t like the default Windows Media Player and any other alternatives didn’t interest me since all I needed was provided by MPC.

However, the latest version of MPC is such a piece of shit, it was almost unusable! Constant crashes, missing DLLs and stuff like that made me to take a closer look at VLC, which I’ve seen being used much often than MPC. I was pleased they provided an install-free version, so I downloaded the ZIP archive, extracted, tried out and after setting up some keyboard shortcuts etc… I must say, I am impressed!

The stability, speed and user friendliness won me over.

So long, MPC, it’s been pleasure using you, however, the competition has clearly an edge in all areas.

Deadline 4.1 (42706) upgrade

loocas | opinions,software,technical | Monday, August 9th, 2010

Deadline 4.1 (42706)

I just upgraded my Repository server as well as all the Render Slave machines to the latest Deadline 4.1 build and I must say, the performance seems better (over a WAN VPN) and some tiny bugs presented in the older version seem to be ironed out.

The installation couldn’t have been easier. Since it was a point update, I just installed over the Repository and the Clients, all seems to be working perfectly.

Great job, Prime Focus Deadline team!

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