Lack of updates

loocas | miscellaneous | Sunday, May 30th, 2010

It’s been almost two months since I haven’t updated this place! Man!

But it has been pretty busy here. I’ve done countless budget estimates for various projects. Mainly TV commercials. So, hopefully at least some will come to a fruition. ;) Also, been pretty busy getting my material for the EUE 2010 master class. I think it’ll be pretty interesting for those new to this topic of Pipeline, Workflow and Data Management.

In case you haven’t seen the TV commercial we finished in the begining of May, Dr.Max (a local chain of pharmacies here in the Czech Rep.), please, check it out, it’s pretty cool I think and all the artists involved worked very hard, very long hours, to bring this, way above average (locally speaking), TV spot to life.

Also, on the technical field, I’ve invested quite some time and cash :D to learning new technologies like WPF along with IronPython and a new IDE, Visual Studio 2010, which seems pretty damn promising (not there yet, but getting close with each release)! So, hopefully, I’ll finally find some time to properly design some nice UIs for our Tactic connections from within 3ds Max. Oh, and I managed to get the very latest build of Tactic from the ever-so-awesome guys at Southpaw, so, I’ll be playing with the new toys pretty soon. :)

Anywyas, I’ll start posting some interesting stuff as soon as I get back from Utrecht next week, so, please, stay tuned!

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