CG Community Survey: Upgrades 09

loocas | opinions,software | Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

A very interesting article on upgrades of various market leaders in the field of CGI has been put togehter with an even more interesting poll and charts.

See what’s cool and what totally sucks. But I’m afraid you won’t be surprised…

maxarea mini-meetup

loocas | photos | Sunday, February 1st, 2009

A few of the maxarea users met-up at a billiard game-center and I managed to took some photos between my pool turns ;)

minisraz_20090131_001.jpg minisraz_20090131_002.jpg minisraz_20090131_003.jpg minisraz_20090131_004.jpg minisraz_20090131_005.jpg minisraz_20090131_006.jpg minisraz_20090131_007.jpg minisraz_20090131_008.jpg minisraz_20090131_009.jpg minisraz_20090131_009.jpg minisraz_20090131_010.jpg minisraz_20090131_011.jpg minisraz_20090131_012.jpg minisraz_20090131_013.jpg minisraz_20090131_014.jpg minisraz_20090131_015.jpg minisraz_20090131_016.jpg minisraz_20090131_017.jpg minisraz_20090131_018.jpg minisraz_20090131_020.jpg minisraz_20090131_021.jpg minisraz_20090131_022.jpg minisraz_20090131_023.jpg minisraz_20090131_019.jpg

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