Functions or Procedures? What’s the difference?

loocas | 3ds Max,maxscript,technical | Friday, April 25th, 2008

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In general, mainly lower level, programming languages, you have access to both types of data handling blocks: 1) Functions and 2) Procedures. So what is the difference and what the hell am I talking about?

Well, let’s think of an example, you were assigned a task of, let’s say, manipulating thousands of objects in your scene, for some reason. To make it even more complex, you have to manipulate those thousands of objects in hundreds of different *.max files. Quite frankly, I certainly wouldn’t wish to do this manually, that’s out of the question. Whatever can be done for you, it’s not necessary for you to do and then you can fully concentrate on much more creative and fun tasks.


FrameCycler Professional 2007 – the best sequence player!

loocas | software | Monday, April 7th, 2008


Some time ago I was looking for a specific software that’d allow me to review, convert, manage and compare my footages, be it frame sequences or AVIs, MOVs etc… I was really getting sick of RAM Player available in Max. First of all, you had to have Max running in order to load up a few files in the sequence viewer and secondly it didn’t provide the necessary tools that I needed. So I jumped on Google and searched for some sequence players/viewers. After some time I stumbled across several options, which names I don’t recall, unfortunately, so I reviewed some of them and found them kind of lacking in features or difficult to operate or way too resource demanding (for a simple program that loads up sequences, 200MB isn’t really necessary). I wished there was a single piece of software that’d merge the best features of those I reviewed together in a simple, yet powerful, user interface.


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